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Plotsy Pants

A shiny rainbow fog blows from the spout of a magic lamp.

“…Rainbow?” I question, not trusting my own eyes, even as the genie transforms out of colored thin air. 548 more words


Method or Madness?

For those that don’t know, I’m a pantser.  I start with an idea and go with it.  Most of the time, I know the prologue and the epilogue when I start writing a book.   637 more words

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Writing Process Blog Tour

Author and blogger Kim Bullock has invited me to participate in the Writing Process Blog Tour. Kim is a historical fiction writer currently working on a novel based on the life of her great-grandfather, landscape painter Carl Ahrens, and his wife. 976 more words


I do hope that everyone enjoyed the guest post from Nikolas Baron last week. He and Grammarly.com have been life savers for me.

This week I’d like to re-introduce you to another fantastic author. 1,039 more words

Guest Blogs/Interviews

From Pantser to Plotter.

While I’m no stranger to sitting down and actually plotting out a book, my most recent efforts have been almost entirety of the pantsing variety. For those less familiar with the nomenclature, plotting is when you sit down and figure out your story from point A to point B before writing it, while pantsing is sort of making it up as you go along, “by the seat of your pants,” as it were. 329 more words


A Pantser Plots: Bringing Old Friends to Life

I am usually a hybrid when it comes to outlining. I know my beginning and ending and a few of the big points in the middle, and then just let the words rip. 532 more words

Kerry Gans

Researching Mystery

Welcome Nicohle Christopherson, who is guest posting on my blog today and I on hers: Write Accountable. She’s awesome! Check out her site and my post… 873 more words
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