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I hate pants and schedules

Business Casual and the Flaw of Khaki Pants

So this week it is business casual, which means you can’t wear jeans to work even if you work the swing shift/overnight like I do. I normally choose to wear khaki pants which come with their own set of troubles. 96 more words


Paper clip that Shet

Let me tell you a little story about girl pants…they cost twice as much as guy pants and the damn button breaks off right after the return date has ended…every…time. 57 more words


September 2: No Stress, No Stress, No Stress

What I Wore:

Garnet blouse, grey knit pants, oatmeal colored sweater (not appearing in this photo), leopard flats (new neutral shoes are on the way, I swear!), camera necklace, black stud earrings. 528 more words

Leopard Print

To have ants in someone’s pants

When you can’t stand still or you can’t be sitting quietly in a chair because you need to move.

CATALAN  Semblar el cul d’en Jaumet, que mai no està quiet / Tenir agulles a la cadira… 14 more words


Clothes Shopping for a Giant

So it turns out my kid is big for his age.

This I have known for a while. He’s not obese by any means and the doctor has no concerns. 205 more words