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Deeply Personal

I wish this was going to be one of my quippy posts, but no. I have a serious, personal confession to make, and I’m a bit embarrassed by it. 481 more words


Panic review

Title: Panic
Author: Lauren Oliver
Rating: 3 stars

Unfortunately, I started reading this book right before I moved to college, hence why it took me… 212 more words


A Hair-raising Adventure. Or Not.

For a while I have been wanting to dye my hair a different colour.

It started when I was thirteen years old and talking to some friends about hair. 1,080 more words


Chronic immobilization stress occludes in vivo cortical activation in an animal model of panic induced by carbon dioxide inhalation

It has been known since at least the 1920’s that inhaling high amounts of CO2 (20%) induces panic attacks in healthy individuals. There is a remarkable literature deriving from diving and respiratory physiology in submariners… 457 more words

I am a living, breathing cliché

Tomorrow is my oldest child’s first day at school, and I am officially FREAKING OUT.

Like, I just had this baby, about two minutes almost five years ago, and now they want me to hand it over to someone else for most of the week?!?! 511 more words

my first assignment for my drawing 1 class is a self portrait.
it’s made more difficult by the fact that we have to do it from the mirror and not from a photo. 323 more words