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The streets of Siena

It is tradition to eat in the streets during the Palio, every Contrada closes one road in their District for everyone except their own people and everyone takes part. 28 more words



Well, I’m here. I had planned to update sooner but it has been a strange and busy week!

I arrived in Siena four days after the second Palio of the year and the one that dates back the furthest. 273 more words


There and back again

I got back from Italy on saturday.

I’ve got some pictures from San Gimignano,  a very famous city, because of its lovely architecture and the many towers it has. 315 more words


The Palio!

Since I last wrote things in Siena have been nuts, of course all induced by the famous Palio that takes places twice a year.  A tradition stemming from medieval times, the Palio di Siena consists of a grueling horse race around the Piazza del Campo where 10 of the 17 contradas (neighbourhoods) take part.  946 more words


On songs, and bareback horse racing

Yesterday I stood in the shade and cried a little as I listened to men singing together in the street.

I am on holiday in Siena with my son J, during the run-up to the Palio, an extraordinary bareback horse dash around the massive Piazza del Campo which takes place every 16th August, and has done for many hundreds of years. 254 more words


Ferragosto in Italy – closed for the holidays

If you’ve ever had a beach holiday in Italy in August, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the whole country is on vacation with you as the waterfronts bustle with gloriously tanned, speedo-clad Italians. 464 more words


Palio Marinaro, historic regatta in the Argentario

The traditional regatta called Palio Marinaro takes place every year on the 15th of August in the sea village of Porto Santo Stefano. This hamlet features colorful buildings perched on hills that overlook its two harbors and, at a distance, Giglio Island. 138 more words