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"What's going on in Pakistan?" - Tariq Ali blogs for London Review of Books

“A trip through the dark corridors and political galleries suggests that what we are witnessing in Pakistan today – street demos in Lahore and Islamabad, attempts to seize the prime minister’s house, a token occupation of the state television building – is little more than a crude struggle for power between the incumbents (the two stooges otherwise known as the Sharif brothers) and a segment of the opposition led by Imran Khan and the forces unleashed by the Canadian-based ‘moderate’ Islamist cleric Tahirul Qadri, who controls a large network of madrassahs that were supported by the Sharifs and many others. 44 more words

When did Kashmir become an ‘Internal affair’ of India?

Something big happened few days ago with regard to Pak-India relations but that incident got little attention in the Pakistani media due to the country’s current political turmoil. 853 more words

कौन है दुश्मन, क़िस्मत या सरकार!

Around one million people from North Waziristan have been displaced after the Pakistan Army launched a full-scale military operation on 15 June. These people are exposed to fatal diseases if they are not properly vaccinated.

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Neither protests nor military is threat to Pakistan government, Defense Minister Khawaja Asif says

By Mick Krever, CNN

With the military on the streets of Islamabad trying to restore order amid protests calling for the resignation of Pakistan’s prime minister, that country’s defense minister says that neither the protesters nor the military poses a threat. 418 more words

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Pakistan's political crisis worsens

Tuesday’s joint parliamentary session of both houses – the National Assembly and the Senate – in the capital Islamabad is an attempt to rally support behind Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. 313 more words


The 10 day sprint

The moment I said “This is my last moment in the Netherlands” my tears started to flow. The 4 months of preparations and a final sprint raced through my mind, as I started to realise what this actually meant. 452 more words