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Seamless and Asleep

I am working on a post about edible aphrodisiacs and anti-inflammatories but I have been sleeping a lot. I feel like all of my posts start that way. 461 more words

When Pushing through the Pain doesn't Work

I have a love-hate relationship with pushing through my pain. Sometimes pushing through the pain ends in great results. Other times, it is disastrous. And the uncanny problem that I am trying to wrap my brain around is that there is no forewarning or way of knowing ahead of time which direction this deadly dance will swing. 786 more words

Chronic Pain

Gallstone Symptoms - These Are the Symptoms and a Cure

Here is information about gallstone symptoms, its causes and how you can get a fast, safe and natural 24 hours treatment if you are suffering from gallstones. 279 more words

Pain Management

Sex Can Hurt - 5 Problems That Make Sex Painful for Men

Pleasurable sex can be extremely painful if you suffer from medical conditions such as urinary tract infections, yeast infections, herpes, prostatitis or Peyronie’s disease. Most of these conditions can be treated with prescription medications or home remedies. 635 more words

Pain Management

Get Rid of Tonsil Stones

Unlike growing kidney stones that are usually caused by improper diet, everyone can grow tonsil stones. Some people are more prone to it. These hard, calcified and stone-like formations appear and clog the crevices between the palatine and lingual areas. 404 more words

Pain Management

Foods to Avoid that Cause Inflammation

Many painful conditions — fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, and cancer — have their roots in inflammation. There are foods one should include in their diet that fight inflammation and therefore help stave off disease or soothe pain. 406 more words

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