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This opinion may be potentially controversial; I may be tipping a few sacred cows here.  If you disagree with me, cool, think for yourself; please don’t start drama with me in my comments. 1,680 more words


Neo-Liberalism the latest of a long line of pseudo philosophies that plague mankind

Isaiah Berlin once remarked that there could be no such thing as a right wing philosophy. This at first puzzled me as the philosophers I studied were generally to the politically right of centre. 1,235 more words


Connections - Moon

This week’s connection or teacher came as a complete surprise to me. I made these cards a long time before my book Shaman Pathways ‘Web of Life’ was even written, let alone published. 128 more words

Pagan Blog Project: C is for Cailleach Bheara

In some way, I feel like I might be half cheating these blogs by using my deities, but it gives me a bit of an excuse to discuss them more personally than I do in my resource posts, because obviously, I intend for them to be resources so my personal feelings about them become irrelevant. 281 more words


"My Heart is Bastet"

In the pyramid text, there is a section that deifies the parts of the body by identifying them with certain deities. Bast is identified with the heart. 486 more words

Witching Hour Rants

Magical Floor Sweeps

Magical Floor Sweeps.

For anyone out there who is wondering how a witch uses her broom (or besom) as a magickal practice or in spell work. Read up on magickal sweeps.


Leaving the Path

It’s tough to leave a path you’ve been on for over 11 years. I am finding that the thought of leaving paganism and Wicca is harder than abandoning my birth religion. 493 more words