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C210K - Week 12 - Day 3

Have you ever tried to run with lead legs? It’s almost impossible to lift them. The run was super difficult today. I’m sure the fact that we took a couple of days off didn’t help either. 403 more words

About Me

Fat Feminism: Can It Be Healthy? Where Does It Leave Health?

“This idea that it’s part of the sisterhood to accept someone that’s a size 22 or in contrast a size 6 is total bullshit,” was a statement made by… 1,074 more words

425 Days

In 425 days, I will turn 30.

My life isn’t that bad. I have brains in my head and feet in my shoes, but that brain is being turned to glue from too much Netflix and my feet once again didn’t venture outside today. 170 more words


Apparently My Toddler is Obese


The other day I stumbled on the thread of a mom terrified that her precious toddler could be obese.  I had never really thought of it as a possibility, to be honest.  1,074 more words


Scaremongering GP

There’s no point making bones about it – I’m grossly overweight. My BMI is around 43 and in English money I weigh around 19.5stone. (That’s 275ish lbs/125ish kg.) I… 368 more words



We’re always taught

That more is good.

More long lashes,

More fun bashes,

More large houses,

More pretty spouses.

Yes, more is always good…


Unless you’re overweight. 52 more words

I Admit...

I’m an emotional eater…always have been! (Sadly) I wish I wasn’t but I am and I’m finally admitting it. As a kid, whenever I was upset or angry I would turn to food, heck even when I was happy I would turn to food. 270 more words