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7 things we know about gold...

So, one major area of my research is on gold. Here is an update on where that research is at. Click here for the downloadable versions or look at my… 392 more words


Episode 41: A Wee Bit Of An Overreaction

Now as I start this rant about the situation in Ferguson (yes, I had to write one too), you should know that I am taking neither side on this issue. 754 more words


Give Me Mayonnaise, or Give Me Death!

I once saw an old friend flip his top over a free sandwich he’d been given at work. As I sat down and bit into my dry peanut butter only sham of a sandwich, my friend had descended into madness and curses about the fact that someone dared use Miracle Whip as a condiment. 353 more words

Overreaction to Injuries

This summer when I was working at the amusement park, one of the restraints on a ride hit my finger when I was bringing it down. 243 more words

"Being in control of the uncontrollable"

“And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. 1,309 more words

Daily Life

Why'd I do it?

Have you ever done something stupid? Felt like when you did it you weren’t even yourself? Last night I did something so stupid. I lost something that should so important. 137 more words


Do Not Copy, Not Without Permission!

There is this girl who is copying my statuses on this popular messenger app called Whats App. Now, I do not know if she’s doing that to seek my attention or because she likes my statuses. 499 more words