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Shoe shopping is definitely more fun than dating.  You find a lot more matches.

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Listen – I’m from Connecticut.  The only Grindr I know of is a hot sandwich.

So you do know what Grindr is then?

I’m not sure how long her relationship was, but if it was longer than 4 hours then the dude was crazy.

Funny Sayings

I ain't been dropping no eaves, Sir, honest!

Inspired by today’s daily prompt on eavesdropping

For the past two years, I haven’t been able to properly eavesdrop. Everything was in Dutch, which was frustrating and freeing at the same time. 431 more words

Daily Prompt

Big or small

The Daily Post is asking for “Strange conversations” – here you go:

Overheard from the nursery:
The 6-year-old sadly: I have tiny pockets on my pants.
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Daily Post

The first of many.


You’re dancing to the beat of a different drum. And that drum is out of tune.’

It hadn’t previously occurred to me that drums could be out of tune.

Good to know.


Problems with enchantment

At the very end of home room, kids are milling about and packing up and such. One girl moves over to the couch, rests her elbows on her knees, and drapes her necklace over her fingers and stares intensely at it. 76 more words

I Love My Job

Rush Order

Susan and I were sitting at the counter in the Argosy. Raja came into the restaurant, sat down at the counter and engaged Susan in a conversation. 71 more words