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Aspies are great at LOTS of things!

A while ago we blogged this.

mum found the picture and we chatted and I decided to try to see what STRENGTHS my aspergers gave me. 801 more words

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Alien fun

I’d like to take credit for this, but it actually came from one of my website subscribers who entered into one of my prior ‘provide a caption to my cartoon’ competitions.   45 more words


ABCs of Summer—Now I Know My ABCs

My Sportage was submerged up to the fenders in thick, gritty mud. Rain pattered down, then poured, and the windshield wipers valiantly thwaped against the deluge. 352 more words

Outside The Box

Friday Night Fandom: "WRESTLING Matters!"

With WWE SmackDown literally beginning as I type, I must admit that the majority of my day was spent gleefully staring at the LED backlit display of my laptop.  1,106 more words


ABCs of Summer—Yokel, Zephyr, and Other Delightful Words You Should Use in a Sentence

In my last post, I shared some of the words Dictionary.com has sent me—words that, while entertaining and oddly specific, are hardly applicable to everyday conversation. 345 more words

Outside The Box

Don't Put Your Life In A Box

Don’t put your life in a box. Learn, develop and grow your way to success and happiness.

When we go with what feels good, that’s great, and so we should. 354 more words


Small Appliances - The Rest Of The Story

The world is a rat race a lot of the time. All of us busy in our lives. Random thoughts focused and unfocused at the same time. 413 more words

Lessons Learned