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Wise Wisdom

At times, we stay up all night with our mind whirling with issues that need a wise solution (Ecclesiastes 2:23). Solomon, the wisest man in the world, realized that following the world’s wisdom is like following the wind (Ecclesiastes 1:17). 317 more words

Union With Christ

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ok first time for everything so I keep this a bit short and work my way thru. I am no longer surprised the world runs the way it does -it takes all kinds and boy do we have a variety. 981 more words

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More alien fun from others

Yep, the fun continues with another cartoon caption runner up winner from a prior competition. This one was Simon’s entry, a particular favourite of mine. 54 more words


Compound Media

Albert Einstein said compound interest is the eight wonder of the world. In today’s society one could argue compound media is the ninth.

This article will examine media distribution by exploiting compound media via media multipliers. 318 more words


Aspies are great at LOTS of things!

A while ago we blogged this.

mum found the picture and we chatted and I decided to try to see what STRENGTHS my aspergers gave me. 801 more words

Fionn's Views

Alien fun

I’d like to take credit for this, but it actually came from one of my website subscribers who entered into one of my prior ‘provide a caption to my cartoon’ competitions.   45 more words


ABCs of Summer—Now I Know My ABCs

My Sportage was submerged up to the fenders in thick, gritty mud. Rain pattered down, then poured, and the windshield wipers valiantly thwaped against the deluge. 352 more words

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