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Polilimnio Waterfalls

We were on our way to my grandfather’s house on the Southern tip of Messenia. As we were driving we saw a sign which said ‘polilimnio waterfalls’ . 280 more words


Waning Summer

I have a pair of visitors who make their presence known every single morning on my front porch, expecting to be fed. I confess I have cultivated this habit in them. 288 more words

Handsome Chef Boyfriend

welcome to rose city, kate.

I recently moved in to a new complex in downtown, and one of my far too awesome neighbors happens to be a graphic designer. It’s been great getting to know him, as he tends to talk in conversational tangents just like me. 561 more words


I thought of this blog a couple months ago on my first or second solo hike when I realized I hadn’t run into another female solo hiker. 225 more words


You get what you give

It’s the little things in a relationship that make it feel special.

Aaron is out mowing the yard and though while I’m inside where it’s cool and quiet, I packed up my small cooler with a damp washcloth tucked inside a ziploc bag – to wash off his face after he’s done, an ice pack and an unopened bottle of water. 158 more words

Fun Times

Sardines in a Tree

This week’s photo, taken August 23, 2014 at Meadowbrook Pond in northeast Seattle, WA, features a few BUSHTITS waking up after a night of snuggling. The light-eyed individual on the right is an adult female. 230 more words

Out for an Old School Ride - Cockeye Creek to No-Name Loop

Up the creek without a paddle or the ride of a thousand river crossings.

We revisited one of our favourite rides over the weekend and it proved as good as ever. 390 more words