Some Things You Have To Figure Out On Your Own!

No map, no compass, no friendly advice in the end will get it done, sometimes it is you against you in the biggest battle of your life. 504 more words

We Make Choices And We Have To Live With Them!

Think the name says it all and I am so done with this depressing woah is me bullshit. See the sun in life, the light, see the good, quit talking about how bad it is and running your mouth like a gossipy little bitch. 280 more words

Why Not Me, Why Not Now!

It happens all the time, people pull off shit they think they can’t everyday, so why not me, why not now? Eh, this one doesn’t have a good feeling to it, somethings are still stinging tonight, hell tonight while hanging out with the wrong one and thinking about the past one, I said I love you not paying attention at all to what I said and holy fuck man what a shit storm I set off. 139 more words

If Your Going Through Hell!

The title to one of my favorite country songs, he would go on to say “keep on moving, don’t slow down, you might get out before the devil even knows your there!” Keep on moving, keep on moving, trying to pound it into my head tonight, I have stood in place for far to long! 395 more words

Hope, God And A-Rod!

Weird, I think the lack of sleep has finally caught up with me, I have nothing. Normally my A.D.D. bullet riddled brain can’t stop, it sure couldn’t stop when I tried to sleep last night, but as I face this computer screen now, I got nothing man. 524 more words

It's Finally Over Now!

I’ve battled with it, I have struggled and gone back and forth with it a thousand times, and no matter how much I don’t want to admit it, it is finally over now. 345 more words

We Need To Take Care Of Today, And Tomorrow WIll Take Care Of Itself!

It is all in place to pull it off, there are no more reasons why not, when I look in the mirror, I don’t see close, I see more than that. 316 more words