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I am 101% sure that I will be an emotional ball of mess when Once Upon A Time finally returns.

ways to bring my feels to a whole different level: 93 more words

Tallahassee, Almost Home--2x06 Recap

As promised, I have returned for another Once Upon A Time recap.  This time for episode 6 of season 2, the proper introduction of Mr. Neal Cassidy, “Tallahassee.” 1,662 more words

Once Upon A Time

Season 4 Countdown: 31 Days

Starting today until September 28, I will be counting down the days until the Season 4 Premiere.  Along with the wonderful little graphic I will have a little fact about the show, cast, and anything related to the show. 45 more words

Once Upon A Time

Guest Star Profile: Sebastian Stan

Name: Sebastian Stan

Born: Romania

Lived in: New York

Character: Jefferson (Mad Hatter)

Notable Roles:

Once Upon A Time

Titles, Titles, Everywhere

The beauty of social media is that the 3 or so months in between the end and beginning of a TV show’s season can go by a lot quicker when the showrunners tease the next season. 167 more words

Once Upon A Time

We Are Family feat. The Charming Family

In honor of watching the season 2 premiere, “Broken,” here is one special clip from that episode. 66 more words

Once Upon A Time

Magic is Coming!--1x22 Recap

We have arrived at the end of season one, and if I do say so myself, probably the best episode of the season.  It ended on such a great note and made waiting for season 2 that much more painful. 1,551 more words

Once Upon A Time