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The Legend of Korra Book 3 Chapter 2: Searching for Airbenders

Korra and the gang begins their newest mission to find and recruit new Airbenders so that the Air Nomads can be rebuild. However things might not be so easy for them. 753 more words


The Legend of Korra Book 3 Chapter 1: A New Era

Welcome to the first part of my episodic reviews of The Legend of Korra. I’ve reviewed the first two books as a whole, well two wholes. 846 more words

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The Legend of Korra Book 2: Spirits Review

We’re back with The Legend of Korra this time hitting the second book of the quadrilogy, titled Spirits. This time Korra has to train her spiritual skills, as she cannot become a real Avatar if she hadn’t mastered it. 895 more words

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Sirk TV Concert Review: Toto & Michael McDonald [Hard Rock Live - Hollywood, FL]

The combination of two 70s music powerhouses always speaks to the notion of longevity and musicianship. Some receive acclaim. Some retreat into the shadows. Finding the balance at the… 1,080 more words

Tim Wassberg

Kids On Bridges Unleash 'Bankers To Feed'

Liverpool-based Kids On Bridges reveal the brand new video for ‘Bankers To Feed’, the controversial single expressing their discontent with the status quo of the rich and powerful. 185 more words


All About Motorola Skip

What is the Motorola Skip?

The Motorola Skip is a small felt-covered device that clips itself to a piece of your clothing such as a shirt sleeve or belt via a magnet that holds it in place. 240 more words


The Legend of Korra Book One: Air Review

I wanted to review The Legend of Korra but instead of starting it from episode one I figured it would be faster if I reviewed the whole season, and I will start review season 3 by episodic reviews even though the season finale just aired a couple of days ago. 1,144 more words

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