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Police Killings by the Numbers (Part 4): the Final Tally

Because of the proprietary nature of some of the datasets I’ve been working with, I’m limited in my avenues of analysis, which means I have a fairly limited number of things to talk about here. 526 more words

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Addendum to Part 3: St. Louis

Here are the known police killings in and around St Louis:

Michael Brown we already know.

Kevin Worley, suspected of breaking and entering, was shot when he pulled a gun on officers who were trying to arrest him. 86 more words

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Police Killings by the Numbers (Part 3): the Victim's Race

(Read Part 2 Here)

I was finally able to obtain data which codes instances of police killings by race, which was not part of the Fatal Encounters project’s map layer release. 264 more words

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Police killings by the numbers (part 1)

Police shootings: kind of a big deal these days. Unfortunately, for those of us who are interested in finding out more about how and why they occur – and perhaps shockingly – the government does not provide any statistics on shootings by police. 349 more words

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The Mess in St. Louis

I’m sure you’ve all seen this video. If you haven’t, be warned – it’s not particularly graphic, but a guy is shot to death. Here’s what happens: a man robs a convenience store, then goes out on the pavement and apparently waits for the cops to show up. 723 more words

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Being Unemployed

I’ve been unemployed for a few months now and I’ve found that it has many stages that are generally experienced. An unemployee may go through the following Unemployment Phases. 1,068 more words

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