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Episode 49

Robot Wars

With tensions between the Geth an Quarians coming to a head, Shepard takes out the Reaper single on the Quarian homeworld Rannoch to end things once and for all, but now the fate of two civilisations rests in her hands… 10 more words


Episode 48

One Man’s Worth

Koris has been found, and now Shepard much get him to safety and plan the next stage of the Quarian/Geth conflict.

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Game of Thrones

I’ve just finished four days of this program, one season per day. It’s been a bit rough, but I made it through. In some ways, this program fits the definition for addiction: the more I watch, the less satisfied I become with it, but I can’t seem to stop. 2,036 more words


Episode 47

Bad Reception

Shepard and her crew launch a desperate rescue mission to save Admiral Krois, vital to the survival of the civilian fleet, from the Geth. 9 more words


Cloud Atlas (David Mitchell)

Cloud Atlas is structured as a series of interrelated novellas, but upon reading it this time, I believe that it tells one story, about how corporations destroy the world. 3,294 more words


Episode 46

Attack on Dreadnought

Shepard makes contact with the Quarians and is reunited with Tali. She learns that the Quarians have launch a final desperate battle against the Geth which turned south when the Geth went to the Reapers for help. 25 more words


Rundown the Street (July 2014)

Slow news month. That said, much of the news we do have is of companies pissing off their fans. Funny, that. 634 more words