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Genshiken EP12-1

Since they were deprived of their club room, they’ve been gathering at their member’s apartments in turns. 251 more words


One Piece: 3D2Y Special

One Piece fans rejoice! The One Piece special called “3D2Y” will be broadcast alongside the anime’s 659th ep. It shows the 2 years of training Luffy received in-between the One Piece time-skip. 15 more words


First Post

Welcome my Otaku friends, welcome to AnimeLoveSite’s new Blog here on WordPress.com!

I want to try writing my Reviews here, since it seems easier than on IG (not that it’s hard or anything, I’m just a comfortable person xD) 107 more words


A Whistle-Stop Tour of Japanese Pop Culture

Join us as we take a whistle-stop tour through some of Japan’s most well-known pop culture! 640 more words


Genshiken EP12

“Problems and Solutions for Restructuring an Organization” 489 more words


Avatar: The Last Airbender - Is it an Anime?

Searching around for an interesting peripheral figure or group to look at regarding anime, I came across the above video from the PBS Idea Channel… 404 more words