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Tarot Tuesday: Master, Miser, Existence

We are each divine sparks, pieces of the greater the greater Whole with unlimited access to infinite love and abundance.  Sometimes as we function within our physical surroundings though we forget that truth.  169 more words

Tarot Tuesday: Control, Politics, Consciousness

It’s time to start noticing all the ways in which you try to control how others perceive you.  What’s your hidden agenda?  Are you hoping others will think you’re smarter, more successful or more worldly than you are?  209 more words

Osho Zen

Tarot Tuesday: Source, Exhaustion, Possibilities

There is an endless supply of energy and wisdom available to us when we turn within and connect to Source.  Taking action from that place of connection makes it infinitely easier to create and accomplish what we want in our daily lives.  190 more words

Osho Zen

Tarot Tuesday: Comparison, Letting Go, Receptivity

Let go of the idea that one person, circumstance, outcome, etc. is better than another. Be open to whatever and whoever comes into your life today. 23 more words

Osho Zen