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How Do I Title?

Maddox Drake tried to pay attention. He really did, just as his father had taught him. He offered warm smiles, engaging nods, and short agreeable remarks, but Abigail Lenore’s voice reminded Maddox of a fork against a dinner plate. 769 more words

Original Work

Day 9: Logo


I was inspired tonight to design a cute little logo for an underwater photographer. I have been looking through Todd Bretl’s photography lately, after finding the shark photo. 23 more words

Original Work

There was a notebook next to her. It was almost falling in between the seat and the bus itself. Curious Cathy as she was called couldn’t help herself. 221 more words

My Writing

Night Flower

There is a flower that blooms at night,

Hidden away from every ones sight.

When morning comes,

It Hides,

It fades.

But darkness falls,

Petals blossom bright jade. 20 more words

Written Work

Sin follows me around like the after smell of smoke


Brick Backpack

Sometimes I imagine my past as a back pack of bricks.

“Why?” you may ask, “Why think so heavy?”

Each brick is a memory.

Packed densely with character. 101 more words