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Lunar Meditation II (New Moon)

In the darkest hour of night
A single flame is burning.
A fire known by many names:

Evenstar, first to greet the darkness;
Dawnstar… 78 more words

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The Murderer

Before him laid a bloody body of his best friend, his opened eyes were full of terror.  The claw of the hammer, the murder’s tool, tore his head wide, hanging to the exposed skin. 445 more words

Day 11: Piggy

Yay! It took me all summer, but I have finally been inspired to make my piggy for my redesign of the piggy cafe. I wanted to do a branding project for the longest time. 82 more words

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Day 10: Food


Who doesn’t love food? Pay no attention to the horrible colors going on. I hate unintentional shadows. Don’t worry, I will clean this up later. I have decided to start on a little mini project, involving food, before school starts this week. 35 more words

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I worry too much and I ruin things. Tell me not to worry. Tell me that the hottest loves don’t have the coldest ends. Tell me


How Do I Title?

Maddox Drake tried to pay attention. He really did, just as his father had taught him. He offered warm smiles, engaging nods, and short agreeable remarks, but Abigail Lenore’s voice reminded Maddox of a fork against a dinner plate. 769 more words

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