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FeelGood Friday Playlist 009

Labor Day Weekend we made it! Kick it off with a mix of sick tunes.


Will the Liberals ensure schools get proper funding?

By Robert Green | Published Aug 27, 2014 by The Montreal Gazette

Along with just about every teacher in the province, I was left speechless by Liberal Education Minister Yves Bolduc’s statement last week that “no child is going to die from (budget cuts) or stop reading because there are already books” in school libraries. 678 more words


Video: The Weeknd - King of the Fall

100 cool points to The Weeknd for sporting the Supreme/The North Face Expedition Coaches Jacket(s).


President Obama's remarks yield no new policy for Iraq & Syria, but does answer some questions surrounding current policy

  • Pressure Sunni partners to disengage from private and governmental financing of ISIL
  • Maintain airstrikes in Iraq to degrade ISIL’s capabilities in Kurdistan
  • Wait for Congress to come back into session before making the decision to expand airstrikes into East Syria (without the cooperation of the Syrian government)
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Explaining the disproportionately high number of British Muslims fighting in Syria

The Libyan uprising opposing Colonel Gaddafi in March 2011 was generously backed by western governments and Gulf allies. The projection of NATO air power and the infusion of weaponry to rebel brigades brought about the collapse of the sitting government, resulting in a prolonged civil war, weak state institutions, and porous borders. 548 more words

International Policy

Facebook eliminating clickbait headlines is a purely business move

You may have heard about Facebook’s attempts to eliminate / remove ‘click bait,’ or, essentially, articles that kind of tease you into clicking on them —  698 more words

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