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Kensei Kobayashi's flow-reactor, the SCWFR, part 2

Kensei Kobayashi’s group with the help of Takeo Kanaeko (a brilliant man) came up with another design where they named it Super Critical Water Flow Reactor (SCWFR) utilizing an infrared (IR) gold image furnace (Figure above). 686 more words

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Music Video: Protobionts

Year 13 students were assigned a presentation to discuss learning objective D.1.6: State that living cells may have been preceded by protobionts with an internal chemical environment different from their surroundings. 31 more words


Human Evolution and Alien Theory

Ancient aliens is the idea that aliens visited earth in the past. The idea of ancient aliens is not a new one either. Imagination is one of the most powerful tools in humanity’s evolutionary struggle for survival. 4,392 more words

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Scientific scenarios for the origin of life: God is doing fine, thanks for asking

AS DARWIN’S COMPELLING DISCOURSE on evolution and natural selection gained a firm ground in the scientific imagination, researchers felt they were ready to address the next grand challenge: the origin of life on earth. 881 more words

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The Evolution of Unicellularity

It’s the annual BEACON center gathering this weekend, when us evolution-in-action eggheads gather and think deep thoughts. One session I attended today focused on major transitions in evolution… 1,273 more words


The Game of Life

I love board games – and not the ones that require drinking or luck. No the ones that require skills, strategy, colluding and sometimes backstabbing – that is when it gets interesting. 374 more words