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Awesome SQL Trick: Constraints on Views

CHECK constraints are already pretty great when you want to sanitize your data. But there are some limitations to CHECK constraints, including the fact that they are applied to the table itself, when sometimes, you want to specify constraints that only apply in certain situations. 396 more words


Clusterware Log Location Change in

Who Moved My Cheese? A parabol about getting to too comfortable where you are and not being able to adapt to change. In this case my cheese was the location of the Clusterware log files. 177 more words


Long Time No Post

So it’s been a while since I last wrote anything and it’s odd that the last time I wrote I had only four decks as now I have around twenty different decks. 43 more words


☆ September 2nd 2014 AngelScope ☆

This is a wondrous time of exploration, romance and creativity

Regardless of whether you are male or female, your feminine, creative spirit is being nourished and awakened by the star of Venus. 162 more words


Oracle's OCI accepts 'ampersand' as legal indicators for bind variable placeholders - undocumented?

I came across a piece of Perl DBI code recently. It surprised me that it actually worked.

$dbh->{TraceLevel} = '5|DBD|SQL';

my $sql =<<'EOS';
select :v1, :v2
from dual
where &v2 = 2

my $sth = $dbh->prepare($sql);

$sth->bind_param(':v1', 10);
$sth->bind_param(':v2', 2);


my $rows = $sth->fetchall_arrayref();
print Dumper($rows);

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Sage 300 ERP 2016 SQL Server Only


If you were able to attend the Sage 300 ERP roadmap sessions at Sage Summit you would have heard that the next major release of Sage 300 ERP (named 2016 but released in 2015) will be dropping support for… 1,199 more words

Sage 300 ERP

HOWTO Secure iSCSI Luns Between Oracle Enterprise Linux 7 and NetApp Storage with Mutual CHAP

This post demonstrates how to enable Bidirectional or Mutual CHAP on iSCSI luns between Oracle Enterprise Linux 7 and NetApp storage. The aggregate, lun and disk sizes are small in this HOWTO to keep it simple. 1,967 more words