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August 31, 2014: Is It Me, Is It Him, Us?

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More often than not, I feel like I cannot get through to H.

Sometimes actually get through because he isn’t responding to texts or a call, which I go into more below, or I just feel like he isn’t… 273 more words


Opposites Make the World Go 'Round!

Opposites Make the World Go ‘Round!

I love passionately, dearly, unconditionally, with a fierce protection.  It gets me in trouble….a lot!  I used to love and argue with the same passion, but I had to learn to temper both. 197 more words


The Tussle between Venus and Mars

Women and Men are both marvelous and inspiring creations of the Unseen Creator. They are different: yet meant to be together. They are opposite: yet they attract each other! 1,463 more words

Intellectual Journey

Opposite by Feedous

I tend to wear the identical pieces time &amp time again.
Insert: my white heels. I’ve been genuinely loving grey on grey correct now and the ideal match for any grey ensemble are a pair of white heels. 34 more words

Ex: Find Two Unit Vectors Orthogonal to Two Given Vectors

This video explains how to use the cross product of two vectors to determine two unit vectors that are orthogonal to two given vectors.

VI. Calculus Videos

What's the opposite of casual?


The heat cannot stop fashion. Not in Shibuya.

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