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A forever waning sunset

Oh the Opium pipe, a gilded vessel charted for a single course, knowing nothing but the shimmering red shores and oft hidden valleys of the soul; a Southerly destination of the most eccentric geographical qualities: even in the darkest depths of the coldest Winter storm it is forever warm; a tender, jasmine scented breeze never fails to meet you;  and it is eternally the moment just before sunset, the sun like a drop of blood hanging in the titian sky. 203 more words


“Junk turns the user into a plant. Plants do not feel pain since pain has no function in a stationary organism. Junk is a pain killer.

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NYC Heroin Deaths Highest In A Decade

While back in May Obama promised America’s mission in Afghanistan was over, and all US troops would leave the country by the end of 2016… 266 more words


Worth more than $60 billion.

Despite the efforts of the Afghan government and the ISAF forces, over 200,000 hectares of Afghan fields grew poppies and remained at the highest level followed by Myanmar, which devoted more than 51,000 hectares for the poppy cultivation. 43 more words

3rd World


Cocaine comedy.

Spiegel’s description of an amazing 1916 Sherlock Holmes parody starring Douglas Fairbanks and possibly cowritten by Anita Loos.

When a villain growls at the diminutive heroine, “Girl, You Are In My Power,” she… 19 more words


Back in May, French producer blew us away with his unique and quite frankly outrageous brand of ‘Oriental Trap’ on ‘Oasis Mechanic‘.  A few months down the line and he’s still hard at it, this time fusing the kind of instrumentation you’d find soundtracking a scene from Middle Eastern opium den, with the kind of Trap you’d usually associate with Gucci Mane et al.   15 more words

Hip Hop

Photos: Sectioned @ Opium, Edinburgh - strobes, gurns and noise.

Sectioned are a brilliant band and I love seeing them live, but I really didn’t feel all that stoked on the results of shooting this show. 172 more words