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Sharing, Caring and Despairing : J-Law's Nude Photo Nightmare

It has been an incredibly busy 24 hours for the internet because everybody has an opinion on Jennifer Lawrence’s nude photos.

For those of you who still haven’t heard, the actress was one of a number of famous ladies who were alleged to have had their nude photos stolen and circulated online by some rather suspect individuals who dwell in the darker corners of the internet. 596 more words


Dried up

That title means exactly what it says, I am dried up people. No more breastfeeding for me. Everyone knows that I have always had trouble with breastfeeding since she has been born well, with her never really latching and me pumping for these five months I guess my body decided that it has ran it’s course and my baby girl decided that she is officially a formula baby. 311 more words

Well, We All Knew This Day Was Coming

This is it, boys and girls. The last remains of my sanity have been ripped apart by insanely disturbing fan fiction. It was my own fault, I saw what I was about to go into and yet curiosity kept me going. 869 more words


My Inventor's Creed

In every phase of brainstorming and innovating I filter out ideas based on several criteria. First, I make sure that every part is safe for the environment… 71 more words


Buchanan: Obama Will 'Set the Country Completely on Fire' with Executive Amnesty by Labor Day

Buchanan: Obama Will ‘Set the Country Completely on Fire’ with Executive Amnesty by Labor Day

Pat is spot on here.  If Obama really does some amnesty deal for the illegals here, the country will absolutely explode.  Guess we’ll see..

The Decibels of Silence

During our spiritual retreat, in the morning of the second day, me and my friends sat atop a hill and gazed down across the city next to the waters of a bay. 466 more words


God Never Gets Things Wrong...

June 3, 2014

Dear Love,

Please forgive me for not communicating in so long; I truly feel I’ve neglected you.

And, that’s not fair to you and our beautiful boys. 704 more words