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Eat less meat

All vegetarians and vegans will be ecstatic, as this is the latest headline to suggest that our meat consumption is a danger to the planet/environment. 493 more words


Art Criticism: when to be constructive, and when to leave well alone

There is a man who lives in my area who, at every opportunity, forces on me his educated opinion of the deficit my photography shows with regards to technical skill. 357 more words


Grades don't define you, but they still matter

There has been a growing movement on social media platforms like Tumblr for the past several months that can be summed up in four words: grades don’t define you. 373 more words


Making a dorm feel like a home

Emma Judy – Special to the Southern News

After living on Southern’s campus, I feel like I know what I need and don’t need in my dorm. 531 more words


Against Jesus ‘the Muslim’ or Against the Non-crucified Jesus

Some Muslims try to persuade Christians to accept Islam because Jesus was a Muslim. That He was if we stick to the definition of ‘Muslim’ which is someone who submits to God. 964 more words


College students' music guide

Paige Tillinghast - Special to the Southern News

Going back to school can be a time full of several different emotions. Things are hectic because you’re scrambling to make sure you’ve packed everything. 531 more words


Ass If...

I’ve been asked by many women, “what have you done to get your ass?” …. Nothing.  I won the gene pool and I’m not really sure how to help other women achieve this “look.”  Sadly, women today believe having a big butt will make them more attractive.  121 more words