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It's my birthday in 10 days...

…and I can’t believe I’m another year older.  HOW?  How did I get to 36?  It’s rather terrifying that I have made it to 36 years old and achieved so much – or little, depending on which way you’re looking at it.   884 more words

95% Of Americans Will Have Accidentally Killed Each Other By 2050 Concludes Survey

Pupils and teachers from Alabama State High School pictured taking an enforced break during a class nature walk yesterday.

A shock investigation by a popular American magazine has revealed that by the year 2050 an incredible 95% of American citizens will have accidentally killed each other by the negligent discharge of firearms. 154 more words


I’m promoting my new blog by wearing Band-Aids every day!

…Just kidding, I sliced my fingers open with a pair of scissors.


I haven’t posted in a while, oops…

Fire is universal.

I often wonder what it was like when fire was first discovered. 32 more words



Today’s been a pretty odd day, it’s only 1 PM and I’ve already had mixed feelings towards a lot and probably made a wrong choice. It’s a strange feeling to describe but it’s along the lines of putting yourself out there and then immediately retracting because you feel intimidated or out of place. 51 more words

Selfish is considered extremely negative, although it is associated with being self centered, looking at the human psych, selfishness is the basis on human life. It is survival of the fittest, it is depending on yourself.

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I don't like to complain, but some things when you're on the road seem to push the right buttons...

When you are paying a large amount of money to stay in a place, you can deal with not having a mobile phone signal, it’s part of being in the ‘back country” – I get that and I can deal with that. 324 more words

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