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When Students Write About Personal Pain

By Teresa Kelly, Kaplan University Composition Faculty

As family, friends, colleagues, and fans worldwide mourn the death of comedy legend Robin Williams from suicide on August 11, … 448 more words

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Why Isn’t My Personal Opinion Good Enough? How to Establish an Educated Opinion in Academic Writing

Terresa Fontana

Kaplan University Faculty, Department of Educational Studies

I’ve served as a professor in the online college environment, teacher in the high school English and literature classroom, and student through various degree programs. 575 more words

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The honesty threshold: It wasn't plagiarized that much. Should I say something or let it slide?

Dr. Tamara Fudge, professor in the School of IT

Honesty is an important workplace trait. Lack of honesty can be damaging to the person and to the company. 425 more words

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Mindful Reading and Living: A Book Review

Jan Chozen Bays’ How to Train a Wild Elephant & Other Adventures in Mindfulness (229 pages)

Reviewed by Kathleen Bishop, Adjunct Faculty, Kaplan University Health Sciences Dept. 361 more words

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