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The end of the cupcake era.

So, yeah. I suck at keeping up with writing about dates, so I’m catching up today. Not that I have a whole lot to update everyone on. 510 more words

I have been lazy. Here are a bunch of screenshots to catch everyone up!

Oversharing, party of one.

WTF is with all these cartoons?!

This is probably the 10th time I have received this message from a dude. No thanks. 161 more words

I really like you, but ...

Well, the summer has come to an end. I’m back to work full-time tomorrow. I did a lot of fun things, but there were a lot of things I wanted to do that I didn’t get to do. 1,024 more words

The Importance of Similarities in Relationships

I mentioned a setback in my love life and questioned the definition of chemistry recently. These two posts were inspired by the fact that I met a guy I really liked through online dating. 651 more words


Making bad decisions while drunk since 2008

I sent him an email. My ex. I emailed him. I got extremely drunk and I was feeling melancholy, and I started writing and blam! Email sent. 182 more words


Online dating — for freaks and geeks?

Someone once told me that the only people that can be found on dating sites are lusters and losers. Is this one harsh person’s view or a fair generalization? 392 more words


A Moment in Time, A Love Story with a Soldier

Well I outdid myself this time. My darkness has lifted.  This angel lifted me. After the past few months of dating disasters and online exploits to find my one and only true love, I think I may have actually experienced it. 659 more words

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