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...on Just Not Having a Clue

I will be the first to admit that I am an idiot when it comes to knowing/picking up on the subtle hints and signals that girls throw out there and think are so blatantly obvious.   519 more words


Fall Date Ideas in Los Angeles

Ok so this week I wanted to mix it up a little bit and since I’ve already given you suggestions on how to go from chatting to going on a real date on Tinder… 1,447 more words


Making bad decisions while drunk since 2008

I sent him an email. My ex. I emailed him. I got extremely drunk and I was feeling melancholy, and I started writing and blam! Email sent. 182 more words


Bad Dates

I’ve had my fair share of bad dates. To me being on the first, second, or third date doesn’t necessarily matter. Recently, I’ve been on both awkward and bad dates. 660 more words


"Subscribe Now!"

So one week ago I downed some wine, took to the laptop, and finally put up a match.com profile. And over the next several days, I hovered over the “Subscribe Now!” button for quite some time before logging out, not sure exactly when I wanted to invest the money required to dive back in to this process. 609 more words


Date Rape Nail Polish


Have a wee peek at this picture and the comments below.

I can paint my nails and put my fingers into my drink if you would like. 293 more words

Over 40


Where are the standard souls?
Today marks my one month on OkCupid and I’m disappointed with it all.
Matches and matches of women traveling the world, finishing their Master’s, running enormous businesses or showing their world famous art in expensive galleries. 563 more words