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Be One With Your Anger...

This morning I arose so pissed off that I had to clear my head. I put on my running gear and hustled my ass 5 miles to my first errand of the day. 137 more words


The Funny Thing Is...

I’m done. Just like that, I am done.

I never thought in a million years I would actually decide to stop dating. Tonight’s experience has shown me that it’s not worth the time, aggravation or disappointment. 107 more words


Simple Black And Gold Nail Designs You Can Do Oneself!

Funky Black and Gold French Nail Designs!
Black and gold nail styles are well-liked among adult females. Gold color is not too common amongst teenager due to the fact it is as well bold and heavy for their image. 19 more words

Women Ideas

I am...

The best thing a person can do in life is to take time to get to know oneself. To actually just stare at themselves in the mirror and notice every minor detail (without being judgemental). 222 more words

Rain On Me...

Ever since I was a baby, I have had an ongoing love affair with water. One of my favorite past times is getting caught in the rain. 154 more words


Sandwiched In Between

I am of the ‘sandwich generation.’ On one side of the cookie, lives my folks, who I regularly help. On the other side of the cookie lives my youngest son, who calls my apartment ‘home’ when college is on hiatus and my oldest son, who even though no longer lives with me, calls with life things he wishes to talk about. 422 more words

A Poem? | Brown Paper Bag

Lean on your back;

Trust your brain;

Revel in your hesitation:

a body tenses for a reason.

The first time hand-to-hand combat

was a visceral reaction, 27 more words

A Poem?