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After the season

It’s pretty quiet at the soccer complex this time of the year, between seasons.

There were several rabbits, some birds, a toad, and (literally) a snake in the grass. 78 more words


Drive safely

It wasn’t all that long ago that the only way to purchase a six-pack was to drive out into the county, where there were a lot of small beer stores scattered around, most of them featuring covered, drive-through lanes. 148 more words


A worn windowsill

This building in downtown Lubbock has surely seen better days. It’s been a few things in the past – a hospital, a college – but most what it is now is vacant. 57 more words



I am fascinated by the juxtaposition of regular-life items and monumental scenes. So it was no surprise to me that a humble clothesline, set at the base of dramatic cliffs and under stormy skies, would have caught my eye….

near Abiquiu, New Mexico
photographed 7.2.2014



I liked the XO on top of Ehpem’s storm drain and sort of hope that the X is aligned with the cardinal directions. Perhaps Ehpem – who often serves as my Research Department – can enlighten me. 8 more words


Used book

The sign and the window aren’t all that compatible, size-wise. But that’s OK – it makes a better photo this way.

Again, my thanks to… 11 more words


Upon reflection

When Ehpem and I were wandering around making photos, we turned down a brick alley. (We’d just been told it was haunted, so of course we had to go!). 61 more words