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To Answer before Listening -That is Folly and Shame

To answer before listening. – That is folly and shame ( Proverbs 18:3 )

We all know them.

Those who answer before listening to all the facts. 514 more words

On Life

The gravity of contempt

Early last year I was discussing with a colleague – no, not discussing, bitching really – about how mutual respect had declined to near zero at work. 311 more words

Living & Living Dead

Too young to be married?



Written by : Asmaa Al Hameli


She is at her prime, at the tender age of 20. That 20-year-old, however, is a mother to a two-month soul. 464 more words

On Life

About Some Changes

It’s crazy how much can change in just one year. Honestly, if I had seen the way I am now one year ago, I don’t know what I would have thought. 286 more words


Impromptu vlogs and what that's all about....

Yesterday I took a planned trip down to Penarth Pier for certain reasons not to be disclosed.  I thought it would be rather dull, but the beauty of this VERY LONG AND TIRING walk resulted in an impromptu ‘day out’ vlog.   84 more words

On Life

Prologue to Waiting On The End Of The World, a novel in progress

Aiden McCall was twelve years old the one time he heard I love you. Even then he didn’t so much hear the words as read them on his father’s lips. 3,032 more words

On Life

Weekly Photo Challenge : Dialogue

Two very different uses of wood yet the same basic material and shape. Wonder what they would have to say to one another

On Life