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Olympus XZ-2 Reviews

Body Olympus XZ-2 is still the continuation of the metal design XZ-1 matte texture, but will be held in the hands of even more solid than XZ-1, while giving a very professional feel. 1,502 more words

Olympus PEN E-PL7

The popular PEN series of compact point-and-shoots from Olympus received its newest model in the E-PL7. Maintaining the vintage aesthetic the PEN line is widely recognized for, the E-PL7 takes advantage of the latest social media phenomenon with a clever downward-opening monitor for easier selfies. 41 more words


Art Criticism: when to be constructive, and when to leave well alone

There is a man who lives in my area who, at every opportunity, forces on me his educated opinion of the deficit my photography shows with regards to technical skill. 357 more words


Olympus OMD and Leica Lenses


August 2014

I have not seen any people using Leica prime lenses with the new Olympus EM10camera, so I thought I post a few of my thoughts about this combination. 1,562 more words

Mirror Mirror On The Pond

I shot this one some time ago in the winter of 2013. I’ve never thought of blogging it but here it is. I used a 10 stop ND filter screwed onto the front of the lens to really get that pond looking as clean as a mirror free of ripples. 152 more words