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How to Find a Jew in Kosovo

25 September 2013


1. Ask old men. You have an unshakable faith in the wisdom of old men, in all matters from romantic advice to political perspective; you have no doubt that if there are any Jews around in this dreamy town of Prizren in central Kosovo, the old Albanian men you’ve seen in the coffeeshops will know them, will tell you where to go. 1,404 more words

#todaysconclusions 27/08/14

Everyone gets uncomfortable when an older gentlemen starts fiddling with his zipper in public.

Some older gentlemen forget where they are at times.

Dettol mould spray is a revelation. 47 more words


Stranger Danger

My latest entry to the Angry Hourglass Flash Fiction contest. Photo prompt above, word limit 360. 

Marvin came to the dog park every day at noon without a dog. 353 more words


Old Men Hate Me: The Saga Continues

As many of you have read (in the post titled “Today I Flipped an Elderly Man the Bird”), I had a run-in with a man at the RV “resort” we stayed in last week. 720 more words


Older men declare war...

“Older men declare war but its the youth who should fight and die.”
-Herbert Hoover

This seems to be so true in this era where conflict and war is deemed to be absolutely inevitable and it is innocent-mostly the youth-who have to bear the brunt. 158 more words


Un Petit Perro

People watching and my slower experience here has been the theme of my past few posts due to my stopover in Burgos.

Well don’t we all know that dogs are far more fun to watch than people most of the time? 463 more words

The Proclaimers - Spain