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Covenant of Moses - Part 1 of 3

This post continues a series of reflections about O. Palmer Robertson’s The Christ of the Covenants with a discussion about the Covenant of Moses, often referred to as the “old covenant.” 584 more words


How Do Sacraments Work?

The Roman Catholic replies:

The sacraments act ex opere operato (literally “by the very fact of the action being performed”), i.e., by virtue of the saving work of Christ, accomplished once for all. 424 more words


Better Promises

God has so much in store for us. He wants to bless us beyond our wildest dreams. We see this when He made the entire universe for Adam and Eve to rule over. 426 more words


The Children of Israel and Their "Theology of Fear"

I just finished reading an article entitled “Friends with God? Moses and the Possibility of Covenanted Friendship,” by Dr. Jacqueline E. Lapsley. She serves as associate professor of Old Testament at… 504 more words


Restored through Grace

What is pure and holy cannot coexist with sin. With sin in one’s life, our inner spiritual sanctuary becomes decayed, broken, and stained. This produces fear, not love. 1,244 more words

Christian Living


After a bit of a summer break I will now continue to look at the rapture of the Church, why I believe it’s the next event on God’s timetable and why I believe it’s pre-tribulation and not post-tribulation for the Church. 526 more words

The Enlarged Tent of Israel (Isaiah 54:2), the Church

About a month ago, John Eckhardt posted the following poem in The Eschatology Forum, a Facebook group I belong to, and I think it’s worth sharing. 312 more words