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I have been lazy. Here are a bunch of screenshots to catch everyone up!

Oversharing, party of one.

WTF is with all these cartoons?!

This is probably the 10th time I have received this message from a dude. No thanks. 161 more words

An Online Sea, No Fish for ME

Your online dating Profile ends with “Any other questions?” Golly! I’ve got LOTS! Don’t you?

1. Why does life gotta be so tough?

2. When are the boffins gonna come up with a cure for allergies so I can get a dog? 1,575 more words



The singer Sam Smith recently just made mention of how apps like Grindr and Tinder are doing away with romance and basic human interaction.

And I must say, I agree. 288 more words


14 Frustrating Things Only Online Daters Can Understand

1. Group photos. Pictures of the person with their hotter friend.
Why are these a thing? Stop putting them in your dating profile! It’s confusing and only leads to major disappointment for everyone involved later on. 1,087 more words

Pepe Le Cupid - The website that brings animals together


Species: feline

Color: white with large grey spots

Body type: bbc (big beautiful cat)


My self summary:

Single white, BBC (big beautiful cat) seeking excitement, coloring isn’t important,  nor is species but you must be gentle and patient.   592 more words

Well okay then...Okay Cupid

You know my disdain for online dating.  As I’ve said, I find the whole thing tedious.

But yet, I am still on there. I am on Ok Cupid.  1,447 more words


Let's start again

Last year I decided to start a blog. At which time, I then published once…wrote two drafts and then never came back. I realized this week that I was writing not about my current experiences but from my past experiences. 400 more words