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Macrosomia and Shoulder Dystocia


  • Can be defined as >90th centile for weight based on gestational age, sex and ethnicity or AC circumference >95% centile; however, this is ultimately a retrospective diagnosis (defined from birth weights >4500g)
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Post-term pregnancy


  • WHO defines post-term pregnancy as >42+0 weeks gestation
    • Most women will deliver by 41 weeks (74%); and more by 42 (84%)
  • Whilst prolonged pregnancy is not necessarily the cause of complications, there are some associations with foetal malformation, meconium aspiration syndrome, neonatal hypoglycaemia, macrosomia/birth injury and cerebral palsy.
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Premature Labour


  • Defined as birth/labour occurring at < 36+6 weeks gestation and more than 22+0 weeks gestation
  • Around 50,000 babies are born premature every year (1.4% of births) …
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Day 150 Woo hoo!!! Racking Cider and Muscadine Wine to Secondary

Moved my Crab Apple/Pink Cripps Cider and Muscadine Wine to secondary today. I got good hydrometer samples from both. The cider is down to 1-1/2 gallons and the wine is down to 2-1/2 gallons. 164 more words

Amniotic Fluid Embolism


  • Obstetric emergency often presenting as sudden, profound and unexpected maternal collapse associated with hypotension, hypoxaemia and DIC
    • Majority die within an hour of symptom onset…
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Came across this web site today – Oil & Gas IQ.

Looks like they have some useful information and articles about . . . well . 25 more words


The Glorious Gringo Gusher: Mexico opens its O&G borders.

Up until 1938, foreign oil companies – many American firms among them – operated in the oil-rich country of Mexico. Then the locals got sick of foreign labor stealing their jobs, so they sent the foreigners packing. 573 more words

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