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One, Two, Three, Four

Wash only the cracks on the floor

One, Two, Three, Four

Must count every spore

One, Two, Three, Four

Ignore, Ignore, Ignore… 46 more words

Creative Writing


We’ve decided to “buckle down” and keep this house cleaner than we normally do.  There are rooms in this house we haven’t cleaned for months.  They’re rooms we don’t go in normally, but they still need cleaned.   340 more words

Think It's About Time I Buckle Down

My fiance works very hard to bring home the extra money to keep us financially stable.  And although I don’t work, it’s my “job” to keep the house clean.   466 more words

Chapter 3

This is the last chapter I will be posting online. Thanks for reading.

And with that, Arthur began to watch his life unfold in front of him. 3,228 more words


Tiny Little Things

So things are still on a downhill slope. Where do I start?

Let me disappear for a second and find out where I left you off. 1,173 more words



Today I got new bruises. I don’t know if I’ll be ready to talk about them by my next therapy appointment. 

I am not inside myself. 348 more words