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Mytwosentences 67

Lost souls from a yesterday not so long ago walk along a path chosen for them by a brick-and-mortar generation who attempted to understand the direction one might eventually take. 39 more words



And deep breath.

I’ve been made to question myself and my beliefs. Each person grows up in their respective countries with different stories, different upbringings, different experiences, different parents, different culture and different identities. 1,233 more words


August Update

August is over and the end of the year is getting CLOSER! How are you guys getting through your Goals? I’m truckin’ along! Some have been changed due to circumstance and pregnancy, but that’s life, y’all. 727 more words

Seeing is Believing - People Watching and Observations

When I heard that I was going to Australia and British Columbia, I didn’t know if I should believe it or not. I didn’t want to get overly excited and jinx myself so I carried on my days prior to the trip as if I wasn’t really going. 759 more words


See You Later, Taiwan

Here are a few incredibly overdue recollections of Taiwan based on my last trip.

Humidity, great food, and aggressively crowded streets only characterize a portion of Taipei. 520 more words

Passport Photo Conspiracy Theory!

I’m currently in the process of applying for my work visa and it seems like every time I check my email, I have a message from someone in some department somewhere asking me to mail or email passport photos to them. 323 more words


As the World Burns

I wonder if now, that a second American journalist has been murdered by terrorists,  has President Obama thought back to his 2008 candidate Obama strategy, of being able to talk to the thugs of the world?   444 more words

American Journalist