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The Random Bikerider

I’ve seen this guy several times throughout Missoula, sometimes multiple times in one day on opposite sides of town. He’s an interesting fellow. I would think he is prior military, but it’s difficult to say … maybe because his blouse is more like a cape for him. 120 more words


Music and the mind.

I’m a musician. A fairly new one, compared to those who are famous for their works. I’ve played guitar for 5 years and sang for 3. 604 more words

An observational study into the communications used between twelve dogs

This is an extract from a study I undertook into observing and noting down the communication systems and routines used within the pack.  1,033 more words


The Sin of Sunglasses

My skull is the residence of two blue eyeballs – relatively happy eyeballs despite the fact that they are absolutely terrible at the one job evolution gave them – sight. 413 more words


Mobile Phone Equipment: A Venn Diagram

It’s a lazy post day. I was going to write a piece about how by taking Labor Day off illustrates the seriously stupid nature of unions and labor movements; but instead, I opted to not be annoyed at how unions have ruined America’s workforce and spend the day with my family instead. 11 more words