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Doing it all for others (at least some of the time) & the #genuinequotient [*props to James Michael Devitt*]

Yesterday a friend of mine posted a video of Victoria Osteen on Facebook. In it she said, “When you worship (and obey) God, we’re not doing it for God, we’re doing it for ourself, because that’s what makes God happy!” The comment section was predictable and contained the usual comments saying things like: 641 more words



I sometimes lose my sensibility in others
to the point where I no longer recognize my values
where my sense of self is lost in their actions… 87 more words

General Writing

Our Debt to Iraq and the Iraqi People

Over the last two weeks, our military has supported the Kurdish Peshmarga’s fight against one of the most brutal regimes since the Khmer Rouge. Arguably, this group is one of the most brutal seen since the 14th century. 756 more words

Thoughts on Literature, its Obligation and Commonsense, Part I

Vladimir Nabokov (1899-1977) is mostly known for his classic Lolita (1955). Confronted with his other works I struggled at first and found his way of writing quite tiresome . 571 more words



I am sorry. 

I am sorry I’m not replying my messages, I just can’t. Maybe its all the stress of exams but honestly that is just an overused excuse on my part. 385 more words

Feelings Off

I don’t like confrontation. So how does a person get their feelings and point across without the negative kickback from the other party? 408 more words

My Life

The Best I Can

In my short 27 years on this planet I have come to realize that if I am not doing something I have a passion for, I am doing a disservice to that something. 145 more words