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Some Writings P6: The Magic of Prom

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking back for the penultimate day. This is one of the ones i’m really pleased with. It came to me while I was busing to the Prom being held for the Explore-Quebec students I was leading. 1,287 more words

The Difference Between a Catcall and a Compliment:


There’s such a huge difference between giving someone a compliment and catcalling… If someone genuinely said “Wow, you look wonderful!” while walking down the street, it’s nice. 324 more words

Pity Pity

There’s a HUGE lie going around that people don’t want to know about, don’t care about, or will argue against until they’re blue in the face. 1,516 more words

Yoga and Other Food Offered to Idols

Yoga has become wildly popular in Western culture as of late as a means of working towards the comprehensive health of body and mind. There are countless claims being made about the benefits of yoga; some have been disproved by science, many have no support at all, but many have also been verified by the scientific community. 1,401 more words


Violence, Porn, and MMA

The story of Christy Mack and Jon Koppenhaver is a bizzarely harrowing one. Koppenhaver, also known as War Machine, is a professional MMA fighter. He’s spent time working in the porn industry and participated in the UFC, until he was booted from that for comments he made about a deceased fighter via a social media platform. 1,241 more words

When dressing for work feels like taking on another personality

“Dress-code: Professional”

These were the words that made me hold my breath every time I saw a job description online. Dressing professional for me is a synonym for high heels that wreck my feet, skirts that always pull up in the most annoying situations and shirts which seem to have uncontrollable buttons. 700 more words