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Body Proof Positive

This weekend I did two things that I haven’t done since I was a child.

1 – went to a fancy dress party without alcohol… 1,343 more words


Out with the Old

Yesterday I deleted my Facebook, again. Although it has become a place where I store all my pictures, personal and political rants, as well as connections to friends–both old and new–I have to stop feeding the panopticon. 499 more words


Street harassment is something much more closely linked to patriarchy and power ideas than many realise or would like to admit.

Walking down the street as a woman can be an isolating experience, and raising greater awareness of street harassment is vital. 132 more words


This Video deserves a watch. It says everything that I want to in this post. It is totally worth the watch.

Some Writings P6: The Magic of Prom

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking back for the penultimate day. This is one of the ones i’m really pleased with. It came to me while I was busing to the Prom being held for the Explore-Quebec students I was leading. 1,287 more words

The Difference Between a Catcall and a Compliment:


There’s such a huge difference between giving someone a compliment and catcalling… If someone genuinely said “Wow, you look wonderful!” while walking down the street, it’s nice. 324 more words

Pity Pity

There’s a HUGE lie going around that people don’t want to know about, don’t care about, or will argue against until they’re blue in the face. 1,490 more words