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Ikea's Rolled Up Packaging for Their Pillows

I recently took a trip to Ikea for some household items.  I love Ikea, but not for the showroom.  I love it for the Marketplace… 451 more words


Blackball: cold Asian dessert

On my conquest exploring Asian dessert around my workplace before I leave, I came to the famous Blackball, Dessert House around PIK. 


I must say, I do not have enough experience to develop sensitive taste buds to distinguish the differences of oh-so-many new Asian dessert house in Jakarta, specifically in PIK area. 314 more words


Practical Reference Type (POCO) Example

So the other day, I was asked by a colleague that is learning to program what a practical use case would be for using custom objects (also known as… 1,645 more words


JavaScript: Prototype Inheritance System

'use strict';

// Prototype Object Builder
//  1. Utility Function used to make Prototypal Inheritance easier to accomplish in one action
//  2. Use by passing in a useful based Object which you want to use as the prototype for the new Object
function objectBuilder (protoObject){
    var F = function(){};
    F.prototype = protoObject;
    return new F();

// All Objects are linked to a Prototype Object
// 1.
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JavaScript: Objects

'use strict';

// JavaScript Objects
//  1. Mutable: they can be altered at will
//  2. Keyed Collections: keys point to values, other objects, or functions
//  3.
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A couple of rough object studies

Here are two object studies. I used the usual pencils & colour pencils. 12 more words