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Comparison chart between western, holistic, and Ayurveda Nutrition

As a nutritionist who practices holistic and Ayurveda nutrition, I often get asked what the difference is.  I created a chart explaining my view on the three different practices.  8 more words


Non Melting Ice Cream Sandwhich

Many of you have probably heard about the non melting Great Value ice cream.  My thought is that we are adding so much to our “food” that makes it “food like products” instead if wholesome, nutritious, fueling foods.  74 more words


Well: Of Little Help to Older Knees

Middle-aged and older patients are unlikely to benefit in the long term from surgery to repair tears in the meniscus, pads of cartilage in the knee, a new review of studies has found. 16 more words

Joe Liotine

Well: A Benefit of Legal Marijuana

A new study has found evidence that legal access to marijuana is associated with fewer opioid overdose deaths, but researchers said their findings should not be used as the basis for the wide adoption of legalized cannabis. 16 more words


Well: Birth Weight and Diabetes

African-Americans born at low birth weight are at an increased risk for Type 2 diabetes later in life, a new study has found.

from NYT > Fitness & Nutrition… 10 more words

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A Healthy Diet Solution on How to Stay Fit and Healthy During Pregnancy

Staying healthy ALWAYS IS IMPORTANT AND MOST IMPORTANT THAT es para pregnant and shape. Maintaining the condition during pregnancy helps prepare the body for the next episode to baby and also help you recover your energy after childbirth faster to Bebe. 490 more words


Anniversary, 11 years a vegetarian

Today is exactly 11 years ago I started my vegetarian lifestyle. It was an idea I had going on in my head for a long time before actually doing it. 535 more words