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NRG spars with Exelon over uneconomic reactors, carbon rule

Hearings begin today before the Illinois Commerce Commission on what will become a pivotal battle over the future of nuclear power–not only in Illinois, but across the nation. 907 more words


It's not utilities leading the energy revolution

Last Friday, we noted that Ceres has released a major new report ranking the renewable energy production and energy efficiency programs of the 32 largest electric utility holding companies in the U.S. 1,281 more words

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This startup is using a 'carbon honeycomb' to capture carbon emissions

Will a honeycomb-like material made of carbon be able to break open the market for capturing carbon emissions from power plants? A Canadian startup called… 902 more words

NRG Energy

Cleaner Air Alchemy from NRG Energy

Cleaner air and cheaper energy will be a reality with a carbon recapture project on a Houston-area power generation plant, called “Petra Nova.” Alchemists of old pursued the dream of turning lead into gold, but NRG Energy may have come up with an even better answer: Pulling pollution out of its stacks, and using it to pump more oil out of the ground. 335 more words


How to get off the grid for under $10K

Source: KurzweilAI, July 8, 2014

Inventor Dean Kamen is planning a 2.5 kW home version of his Deka Research Beacon 10 Stirling engine that could provide efficient around-the-clock power or hot water to a home or business, … 105 more words