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SkyBlew Pays Homage to Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold!

“Ballad of the Pigeon Man” — featuring D&D Sluggers and produced by SublimeCloud of The Digi Destined — is the latest single from North Carolina-based emcee… 96 more words


Universal Suffrage - Coming to an SAR near you, soon...

Cartoon ©: Lau Ka-kuen / SCMP.com

Being here, for the first time since we started our journey, I sense real anxiety across Hong Kong. Yes, there are the annual Establishment Day and… 581 more words

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Democracy for Hong Kong: Unyielding | The Economist

PRO-DEMOCRACY activists announced the start of a “new era of civil disobedience” on the night of August 31st, after China’s top legislature laid down restrictive guidelines… 202 more words

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Week 9: Pep talks

Week 9. The first half was my usual adrenaline-pumped, “watch me kick my own ass and love it” kind of week. The end of the week, however, brought sudden and spirit-crushing obstacles.  499 more words


Success, Falling off the Wagon Harder than Ever, and Finding Motivation again.

It seemed like just a few weeks ago, one or two gym sessions a day and a green smoothie in the morning were the norm. As summer came to an end, I was sitting at my kitchen counter, eating a scone and planning how I’d get back in shape. 144 more words


Science "Fitness" Fair Project



Remember being in elementary and having to do a science fair project?  You came up with a hypothesis. A procedure. Ran experiments with controlled test subjects. 175 more words


In Hong Kong, Pro-Democracy "Occupy Central" Supporters Don't Go Completely Quietly Into The Night With Beijing's Decision -- "We want genuine universal suffrage not democracy with Chinese characteristics."

After China’s National People’s Congress standing committee slapped tight restrictions on Hong Kong’s 2017 chief executive election procedures in an official decision on Sunday, pro-democracy forces in the city have vowed to embark on long-term fight against Beijing’s decision. 997 more words