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Shantaram - Gregory David Roberts

“Waiting for nothing, that is what kills the heart of a man, isn’t it?” This 1000 page (apparently) autobiographical novel by an Australian convict has many beautiful, vivid and thought-provoking quotes to choose from; though this one stuck with me personally. 588 more words


The Darkest Hour-Cell Thirteen-12

This is the twelfth chapter in a continuing fictional series. To see past chapters please check my older posts

Back in the prison cell, the two guards, Raymond and Egil, shoved us into the cell and I expected them to slam the door and walk away. 954 more words


First Post

Still getting the hang of this whole ‘blog’ thing so I’ll keep this short. Hoping to use this site both as a portfolio for some of my writing work and a space to blog any and all related thoughts. 163 more words


With National Novel Writing Month coming up (I’m the sort of person who would want to have written a novel already, then just edit over November – I’m subversive/excruciatingly cautious that way) I thought I’d see if anyone has any tips/experiences to share. 105 more words


We live in a world that promotes various truths. As such, it is sometimes difficult to determine what is actually real from what is not. If I told you my name was Lisa, but someone else told you my name was Samantha, you would argue that this person is not telling the truth, since I have personally given you my name. 1,750 more words


Time To Write

Ok guys so you may know that my new novel Dark Tales is out now but thats not the reason I’m writing this post. 

You see i need to sit and write my next book but really finding the time is just so hard. 100 more words