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Ha-ha, I lied, this wasn’t funny at all. After I wrote “Digging Ditches…” about my brother’s suicide (and received a great response, which felt good), I suddenly had a goddamned hard time writing again. 293 more words


you say i have it all
but i have nothing left to lose
won’t you get me down from here
untie my noose

i’m still breathing… 141 more words

i feel the dark blanket around me
pulling me down
i keep forgetting to breathe
i only want to cry
wake up and not wanting to be alive… 19 more words


so this is love
this scared feeling
the flood of tears every night
the confusion
the not eating
the not sleeping
the constant thought of her breathing… 66 more words


she is a breath of fresh air in the morning
my cup of tea before bed
the blanket wrapped around me each evening
she is the constant knot in my head… 29 more words


but what if i sink
what if i turn to stone
and i shatter
like i have so many times before

what if my head comes loose… 38 more words


wander slowly to my pillow
wallow gently in my sheets
wrap your arms around me
slow time so we can breathe

though i am at such a distance… 58 more words